Tank Trouble 3As a huge fan of this game series I must say that Tank Trouble 3 is the best one, why? Well first of all it has multiplayer option; it has two different modes: two player mode and three player mode. You can really enjoy it while you are having fun with your friends.

Now about game itself, as a name suggests this game is all about tanks and their battle. Action takes part on the arena where different players control their tanks and they are doing their best to destroy each other, winner is last man standing.

It is quite simple actually, avoid enemy shells, hide behind walls, wait for the right moment and strike.

How to play this game:
Don’t rush into the battle field, look around you, learn each part of the map carefully,analyze it and choose strategic position. Try to pick power-ups, use them wisely. Keep in mind that game has ricochet, use this feature and master it well.

Multiplayer Mode:
Another awesome feature of this game is that it has multiplayer feature in it. It allows three different players to play together, you can fight each other and test your gaming skills. Playing games like this with your friends is always entertaining.

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Controls of the game are different for each player; I will list all buttons below.

Game has different strategies, some prefer to hide, others prefer to rush toward their enemy and engage in close combat. You should choose strategy which fits your gameplay best and follow it towards your victory.

Apart from strategy of the game there are couple of tricks which I want to discuss with you:

In the game there are different power-ups which you can pick-up and improve your weaponry, some will give your homing missiles, other will give you opportunity to shoot laser beams, etc. Picking these weapons can change outcome of the game, keep in mind!

You might have already noticed that shells which you shoot toward the walls bounce back and fly in different direction. You can use this feature of the game in your favor. How? Well you can calculate angle well and destroy your opponent without exposing yourself to their fire.

Video Guide for Beginners:

Mentioned two tricks above is your way towards victory, if you will manage to figure out other tricks or strategies feel free to leave them below in comments section and a lot of users will thank you.

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